• Memorial Day Memories

    Memorial Day Memories

    I’m somewhat of a WWII buff, dating back to my parents’ stories about their experiences. Recently, I saw a human-interest news clip about a WWII veteran in his 90’s whose wife of almost 70 years is in an adult care facility, isolated due to COVID-19. The staff arranged a golf cart “drive-by” set up like… Read more

  • #quarantinemood #timetowrite

    #quarantinemood #timetowrite

    Pandemic reality hit us all in mid-March! A few days into the stay-at-home order, I got a kick out of a tweet about the week having only three days now: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Still true as of this writing. Two months later, like most of us, I’m ready for some normalcy again.  Unfortunately, we… Read more

  • Here I go..

    Here I go..

    I confess to being a technological and social media dinosaur. For years, I was actually proud to not know – or care about – the difference between a tweet, snap and post. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter were all the same stupid thing that would lead to the downfall of civilization. And what the heck… Read more

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