Wounded Warrior

NFC Championship
Chicago Storm Color Commentators

“We all agree he is one of the most feared tacklers in recent NFL history, but I wonder how much longer he can keep it up. He has to be hurting.”
-Tom O’Halleran

“1256 tackles–186 sacks–432 hurries–29 fumble recoveries–5 Pro Bowls! I know a lot of older guys in the league are still terrified of him. I AM!”
-Octavius Bradley

“Okay! Okay! The stats don’t lie. I get it. No disputing he’s a warrior. But I’ve watched his movements coming off the field this season. He’s a wounded warrior.”
-Tom O’Halleran

Barnes & Noble Book Signing – Encinitas, CA

West Coast Publication Party

@ The Raymond – Pasadena

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