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  • Graceland – An Unlikely Refuge

    Graceland – An Unlikely Refuge

    No, not in Memphis where Elvis lived and is buried, but just north of Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs. Graceland Cemetery has provided peace and quiet for notable Chicagoans since 1860 when it was chartered as a certified arboretum. The ornate tombstones and mausoleums are a veritable Who’s Who of Chicago aristocracy, politicians,…

  • Memorial Day Memories

    Memorial Day Memories

    I’m somewhat of a WWII buff, dating back to my parents’ stories about their experiences. Recently, I saw a human-interest news clip about a WWII veteran in his 90’s whose wife of almost 70 years is in an adult care facility, isolated due to COVID-19. The staff arranged a golf cart “drive-by” set up like…

  • #quarantinemood #timetowrite

    #quarantinemood #timetowrite

    Pandemic reality hit us all in mid-March! A few days into the stay-at-home order, I got a kick out of a tweet about the week having only three days now: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Still true as of this writing. Two months later, like most of us, I’m ready for some normalcy again.  Unfortunately, we…

  • Here I go..

    Here I go..

    I confess to being a technological and social media dinosaur. For years, I was actually proud to not know – or care about – the difference between a tweet, snap and post. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter were all the same stupid thing that would lead to the downfall of civilization. And what the heck…